csj parents' association

(“Parents” in this specific context refers to the parents themselves, a guardian or other person who has a child in his / her care acting in loco parentis.)

The Parents’Association of CSJ – APCSJC – assembles and represents the parents of the CSJ in Coimbra. Its foundation dates back to 2004 with an installation committee. As of January 2006, the Association has incorporated, through election, representatives of some social entities and local community groups.

Goals of the APCSJ

  • To contribute with all available means within its power to help parents fully accomplish their mission as educators.
  • To contribute to a well-balanced development of the student’s personality.
  • To advocate for an education policy that respects and promotes the fundamental values of the human being as well as Christian values.

Competences of the APCSJ

  • To strive for the just and legitimate interests of students according to its principles regarding the school, education and culture.
  • To encourage the necessary dialogue for mutual understanding and collaboration among all members of the school.
  • To promote and to cooperate in school initiatives, particularly those involving sports, recreation or culture.
  • To promote good relationships with other similar associations or their representative structures in order to guarantee the representation of its own interests before the Ministry of Education.

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