The graduation requirements are the same that feature on the curriculum framework. Students who wish to have a Computer Science Endorsement in their Clonlara Secondary School diploma will be required to complete a Capstone project in this subject area as well as 6 credits in Computer Science Electives. 

Credits may be achieved by one of the following methods: 

  • By participating in a class offered on campus. 
  • By participating in any outside activity that the student and advisor find acceptable  as a learning experience.
  • By completing an Independent Study Proposal which the student executes  over the course of the semester under the guidance of a teacher or mentor.

Our Computer Science programme is based on the programmatic framework proposed by the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA), which defines the concepts and practices to be developed in this area, identifying learning expectations and essential skills.


Computer Science Electives provided by CSJ:

  • JavaScript / TypeScript
  • Back End

  • Front End
  • Databases
  • Networks

  • Web Design

Curriculum Framework

Subject AreaMinimum required CreditsMinimum required hours
Language Arts (English/Portuguese)4.0720 h
English/Portuguese2.0 360 h
Speech0.5 90 h
Math3.0540 h
Science3.0540 h
History1.0180 h
Geography0.590 h
Government0.590 h
Physical Fitness1.5270 h
Electives (Courses offered at CSJ): 


6.0 in Computer Science

1 080 h 
Web Design 180 h
JavaScript/TypeScript 180 h
Front End 180 h
Back End 180 h
Databases 180 h
Networks 180 h
Total223 960 h