about us

CSJ is a Catholic School with an innovative educational project where each student is looked at and respected as a unique being. The Students are primarily responsible for their education: build their knowledge and develop their personality in an active and committed way, making choices, researching and organizing the knowledge acquired, sharing and demonstrating what they have learned.

The teacher is essentially an educator who supports and guides. Each student has a tutor, a reference figure within the School, who follows affectionately but also in a stimulating and demanding way, the growth of each one and the way in which they learn.

Students often work collaboratively, developing projects and various forms of autonomous work, learning to enrich their creativity and their capacity for initiative. All this is done in an organized way: students plan their work every two weeks according to the instructions of the teachers of the various disciplines and the guidance of their tutor; in the end, reflect on the work done individually and with the tutor.

With this methodology, our students have obtained excellent results, as evidenced by the places in the ranking of schools and the various prizes in contests.

The educational action of the School is based on Schoenstatt Pedagogy, developed by Joseph Kentenich, and integrates aspects of other coherent pedagogical systems that reinforce it and make it more plurify, more capable of responding to all children needs and the characteristics of each one. It aims at the global and harmonious formation of each student, namely in their physical, affective, social, intellectual and spiritual aspects. It is their fundamental concern to form men and women with free and balanced personalities, responsible, creative, capable of initiative and critical spirit, concerned with the common good and capable of intervening actively in society and influencing their culture.



  • To raise children who are free, firm, attached to God, concerned about the common good and able to take action in society and to influence their culture.
  • To make a contribution in designing new paths in Education.


We believe that:

  • The children have the capacity and the responsibility of self education and building knowledge; educators must support them in an attentive, generous and active way.
  • It is not possible to educate without establishing emotional attachments between the learner and the educator.
  • The teachers and the schools are able to reinvent themselves.


  • Respect for the individuality of each child/ youngster, their own characteristics, their strong points, their likes, their rhythm;
  • Awareness of each person’s globality, while physical, affective, intellectual and spiritual being;
  • Commitment in their academic learning.
  • Care for the construction of their personality and the values they must have.